Welcome to The Craft-E-Kittens Cabin

For most of you viewing this website I'm sure you are already well aware of our cause, who we are and what we do. But for anyone who is new here or has an interest in learning more about our history and roots please keep reading!

Follow our Minecraft creations. Suggest builds etc

If you like what you see... consider donating to the cause? We run three Whitelisted Private servers each with different themes but sadly we're often too busy to record on a set schedule.

Shop with us online?

FurwebsMarket is entirely purposed for selling quality branded, donated or handmade items (The handmade items are all made by US so you're getting something we've spent time working on!) to raise funds for our cause!

Check out our hobby art and craft projects.

These often become items available for sale but this is how we spend evening when not busy with the cats or completing orders. (Or playing Minecraft of course.. hehehe.)
Many of the things you can see are "attempts" at learning a new craft or ideas

Read about our history:

Although people often believe that the cat cabin is a "new thing" or that we are somehow a tag along of some larger "Charity" (we are NOT a charity!)... We have a very LONG history and have been around since 2006... yes a staggering 13 years. Find out more?