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  1. Eddy


    Eddy came to us with Stitch on 12th July 2014

    They both came from the same home, but due to the family recently having a baby they had to give up the cats as the baby developed an allergy to them.

    Eddy has long black fur with grey highlights, he has problematic eyes due to having inverted eyelids and also is FIV positive.

    It is estimated that Eddy is between 2 and 3 years old

    He likes to sleep on top of the cat tree at play times, licky washes Wolfie and Chewie but isnt brave enough to attempt it on pum (dont blame him!) and seems to get along mostly well with Stitch but they dont seem particularly bonded.

    His favourite foods are Felix As Good As It Looks and Whiskas Dry Kibbles

    He doesnt have a favourite toy but does enjoy playing with home made toys such as boys and string etc.

  2. Pumpkin

    pumpkinAge : 7

    Arrival: 23rd Dec 2012

    Known as upon arrival: Patches <

    How she got here: She was brought to us with Wolfie , by Bristol &amp;  Wales Cat Rescue

    Why she is with us: She cannot fend for herself and care for her companion in the wild any longer.

    Medical Issues: Heart Murmur and Digestional Disorder

    Day to day attitude: Very Jumpy , Timid and Wary of sudden noise / movement - She stays in the house most days

    Abilities: Very fast mover  , Clumsy lander (doesnt quite know where to place her paws) but has Extra Sensitive Hearing.

    Special Needs: She requires specific wet food (pate's) as she has difficulties eating firm foods other than Kibble.

    Coat description: Fine furred , Slightly Silky , Medium Length and an interesting pattern.

    Coat Colours: Orange , Black , Brown , White ,Peach

    Breed Detail: Unknown - Suspect she is Calico [the B&W CR said she was a torty!?! no!]

    Favourite Treat : Pieces of Cooked Sausage

    Favourite Toys : String , Rattly Toys , Balls and Shiny objects