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Category: Who are The Craft-E-Kittens : About the cats

  1. Wolfie

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    wolfieAge : 10 years + according to B&WCR

    Arrival: 21st December 2012

    How he got here: Brought to us with Pumpkin from Bristol And Wales Cat Rescue

    Why he is with us: Was struck with FHV-1 and left too weak to fend for himself , Pumpkin couldnt cope to fend for him along with herself. (ex farm cats)

    Medical Issues: Feline Herpes Virus , Rhinotracheitus

    Day to day attitude: Attention seeking and love needing - needs lots of hugs , very lonely and misses his old surroundings. Abilities: Can jump very high , stand on hind legs for long periods of time and easily walk on hind legs!

    Special Needs: Requires L-Lysine tablets , measured dose of food suppliment to counter vomitting , daily eye + nose cleaning - would prefere course of anitbiotic but cannot get Clavamox / Amoxycilin without prescription. MUST stay indoors.

    Coat description: Tigerstriped grey tones with some white markings

    Breed Detail: Unsure - Very large(tall and long) but not "fat" . Very muscley and has an unusual voice

    His favourite food : Sainsburys cheap sausages (has to be those!) as a treat once a month or so

    His favourite hidey hole : Sitting in the cupboard ontop of Turtey my old Turtle footrest!

    Gets upset if : you dont say good morning / afternoon/night depending on the time you go in - as soon as you get in - and if you forget to give him  headbumps and tickles!

  2. Chewie

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    chewieAge : 7 or 8? [she was a friends cat , who sadly passed away so we arent sure how old Chewie is]

    Arrival: June 10th 2008 How she got here: She was collected from Reading at my sister in laws house - She originally came from a close friend in Wolverhampton area.

    Why she is with us: She was suffering from feline alopecia , being very sick with horrid things being brought up - and as said above , her previous owner has now passed :(

    Medical Issues: Vestibular Disorder , Alopecia and Digestional Disorder , Renal disorder and Feline Eczema

    Day to day attitude: She seems very excitable , bouncy and "over the top" but this is mostly due to her Balance and Hearing issues , she can get quite angry for no apparent reason but you have to learn to read the signs of her body language to know that this is because a seemingly innocent BANG of a door can cause her to think she is being attacked and fall over. Scratches and gouges a plenty on my part from saving her as she is about to topple off a unit or cat tree!

    Abilities: VERY flexible , bendy , bouncy and loves to play PING PONG / Table Tennis with her bouncy ball. She is very smart behind the confused and sometimes "dopey looking" outer shell. She is also able to make audible human sounding words and sentences Special Needs: She needs constant observation , special hair loss oil , Renal medication and specialist shampoo / soother solution for her skin as it dries out.

    Coat description: mid to long length black "hairy beasty" fur. Managable with hardly any brushin although she has a fondness for holding the brushe herself to brush her chin!

    Breed Detail: Maine Coone , Rex Cross